Just a few words: On happiness that is beyond circumstances.

The skill of obtaining wealth is an absolutely important skill. However, producing joy out of life is an equally important skill in itself.

I’m here to tell you that if you master the second skill, the first one will come naturally to you.

The math here is simple;

Joy provides you with much more motivation than a numerical sum.



The glamorous qualities that a man who knows how to keep a secret has.

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Telling a secret is like first-hand stating that you cannot be trusted.

To keep a secret you need to understand the importance of your loyalty to those who trust you. Becoming a trustworthy man can be a huge source of strength, yet it is not for jokers who drink two…



A few words of motivation: about investing time and resources on business opportunities.

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Making money for the sake of making money, can be a cause of attrition. It should be more than that, there should be a soul to financial moves as well.

Call it — “the personal element”. The same central motif that every person has as a drive for life. For one it is luxury, for the other it can be family etc, but it should be rooted enough and authentic enough, with one line that parallels the sense of direction and the way a person sees life.

Especially in the economic sphere, we have the opportunity to discover ourselves — more than ever.



An important Tip: For the sake of harmony of body and mind in daily life.

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The brain is like a leader in the human body, so every emotion or feeling comes to the brain as a signal. Just as in society people turn to the head of the leadership to inform them on issues that need attention, thus all the organs in the body signal to the brain as a kind of intra-body information.

It can be concluded that sometimes a person can evoke in his mind unimportant or unnecessary matters and thus affect the body.

I suppose it is better for a man to be focused on the essence of his goals, and not to arouse his whole body to matters in which there is no real interest.



Just a few words: About Lifestyle and “shaping a personality” style.”

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Of course our style of dress should always be in relation to where we are. We do not go to bed with a suit, nor do we go to a social event with our pajamas.

The point is to respect the place or the event we are adjusting to. As is not customary to talk about ball games on a first date, so too there are topics of conversation appropriate to any situation.

Style; it’s not just about fashion, It’s a way of thinking!



An essay: On the written and unwritten alliances between people (especially in the field of marriage).

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Our society is built on written or unwritten alliances between people. And the purpose of making an alliance is to outline a particular direction.

For example; marriage is a kind of alliance.

However, in life as in life, people sometimes need to experience something new and even only if in order to create a contrast between the existing and the non-existent.

But when the direction has a strong meaning, this need to experience something beyond the routine does not really exist, because when there is a comprehensive thought around the causality of choosing a particular direction, the alliance around it will be strong enough to last.

It follows that we should acknowledge the causality of our choices.



Sariel Ben Aviv

Sariel Ben Aviv


With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.