A Religious Journey Should be Worthy Of Beginning

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Religions for the most part come to do good with man, just as politics is supposed to do good with man. What more can be said when things are not always simple when people start wondering their right or left …

There are religious people who tend to convey their message by concentrating on everything that is despised and should not be prolonged. Another side of these people is that they tend to slander and ridicule anyone who is not them.

If you have ever alrady heard those religious people, make an effort to absorb the main message of what they are saying without getting carried away by their hatred or their derogatory words.

Having said that, if one religion or another interests you, make sure you connect with a person who conveys a message clearly and concisely without sending garbage to anyone who is not like him — before he gets to the main point he is trying to convey.



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Sariel Ben Aviv

Sariel Ben Aviv

With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.