A Styling Tip For The Elegant Among Us

Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash

Our style of dress says a lot about us to the people around us, but more importantly, our style of dress attributes a certain mood to us.

If there is elegance in our style of dress it automatically prevents us from the same impulsive thinking of just “sexy” style of dress for example.

The thing with impulsivity is that it is not anchored in forward thinking, but more in the whim of the moment.

A more elegant look brings with it a more elegant and smart mood — for us and for the people with us. — And I come from a starting point that most of us prefer a certain level of solidarity when it comes to relationships.



Sariel Ben Aviv

With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought. https://sarielbenaviv.bandcamp.com