The Most Significant Element In Everyday Life

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There are answers you can get from people who know more. Yet, there are answers that you need to find yourself.

No one can tell you what is really important to you.

If you ask random people what they expect from an ideal situation in life, they will start talking about success, wealth, love, happiness, etc.

The more accurate answer that people not stating so automatically, is that they want to experience themselves with wealth, they want to experience themselves as successful, they want to experience themselves loved by this girl, or that guy.

They want themselves, but point to everything but themselves.

The pleasure of authentic experience is the root of meaning. The very fact that one thinks that meaning lies in something outside oneself is depressing and pathetic. The understanding that without the individual himself, the desire does not exist and meaningless is what makes the difference.



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Sariel Ben Aviv

Sariel Ben Aviv


With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.