On Alliances Between People And Conscious Choices

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Our society is built on written or unwritten alliances between people. And the purpose of making an alliance is to outline a particular direction.

For example; marriage is a kind of alliance.

However, in life as in life, people sometimes need to experience something new and even only if in order to create a contrast between the existing and the non-existent.

But when the direction has a strong meaning, this need to experience something beyond the routine does not really exist, because when there is a comprehensive thought around the causality of choosing a particular direction, the alliance around it will be strong enough to last.

It follows that we should acknowledge the causality of our choices.



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Sariel Ben Aviv

Sariel Ben Aviv


With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.