Five Steps To Self-Belief And Independent Thinking

Most of us are curious about our potential to do great things and reach new heights in the variety of areas of life.

The desire to grow is our natural state!

If you look at the way of life of every creature in the world, you will notice that growth and self development is not a conscious voluntary thing — like for example the growth of a baby.
Whether you are making music, writing a novel, or planning to have another child, your desire to grow and evolve is the natural cause of your natural progress, and it stems not from the conscious desire as you maybe think, but rather a principle rooted in the inner core of every creature in the world.

The first step in self-belief is this self-understanding!

Attitude adjustment

When you treat your desire to grow and replicate yourself supposedly through art or reproduction or even through new relationships as an ingrained trait, you will be able to relax and become accomplished in a more peaceful way because you know your desire to grow is an integral part of you.

Gender planning

To achieve any success in any field imaginable, the right tools are needed, as well as the right timing and in short — the right outline for success.
Understand that every goal you set for yourself is actually an announcement of a new life outline.

In the timeline of life, set goals will allow you to manage your time in a more organized way, thus, with each milestone you succeed in achieving your self-belief grows.


Information is an important thing in any field in which you want to succeed. That is why gathering information is a talent that you need to adapt to yourself and it involves the ability to improvise.

Independent mindset

The real success in life is independent thinking.
Independent thinking symbolizes success, as only a satisfied and confident person can afford independent thinking to himself.

Usually people do not allow themselves the full right to think completely independently because their intuition is directed to a completely different place.

Independent thinking that is not affected in any way, can only be found in a person who is not dependent on his environment.
In everyday reality the individual sometimes finds it difficult to find himself inspired by this quality, but the dedication can pay off, because it is definitely worth the effort.

Sariel Ben Aviv



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Sariel Ben Aviv

Sariel Ben Aviv

With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.