The Importance of Praise in the Age of 24/7 Marketing

Some tips for creating an aura of importance: For marketers, speakers, writers, etc.

Photo by Valentin Farkasch on Unsplash

It is customary to praise a person before he is put on stage for a speech, or before he is hosted on one TV show or another. The same praise is a kind of preparation, i.e. building an impression and anticipation before the main event (message) is taking place.

They doing this so that things he says will be of paramount importance.

You can learn something from this!

Sometimes there is a higher importance to — who says, more than what is actually said. Therefore, as a writer, speaker, marketer, you should building an impression and expectation. — Its the initial step before conveying a message, since one should earn the respect of the audience — before conveying a message.

Sariel Ben Aviv

With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.