Understand People And Their Motives

Sariel Ben Aviv
2 min readNov 14, 2021


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The truth is, it’s not really hard to understand people and their motives, and all you usually have to do is look at the person’s general story to understand his or her interests.

But I want to approach the issue from a more internal and thorough point of view.

The fundamental level

To understand the interests of people on a more fundamental level, one must understand that everything a person does is out of a desire for pleasure.

If man did not enjoy even guilt, or remorse, he would not feel these feelings, and he who says otherwise is unaware of human nature at a sufficient level to understand his own feelings.

Pleasure at the highest level

If we start from the premise that pleasure is the main goal behind every person, the big question is, what gives pleasure at the highest level …

A person’s greatest pleasure is in a sense of satisfaction that comes from a unique meaning, or in other words, from a good story — that is, a personal story that has a unique meaning behind it.

Every person tries to become a “reality”, once the only reality already tells a pretty unique story that just needs to be listened to.

If you look at people from the side, it sometimes seems like everyone gets lost in their own story, but to enjoy, people need a unique meaning that exists on a broader level, not just in their small private world, which means being more attentive to a more inclusive reality and not just a narrow reality of the individual.

Enjoying role-playing in a world that is a mystery is great fun, but there is greater enjoyment beyond that.



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