What You Really Need To Know

It can be seen that all kinds of knowledge is simply a preparation for greater knowledge.

For example, the knowledge to read and write — that everyone learns at a very young age, is preparation for the absorption of broader knowledge.

However, knowledge needs to be routed towards a certain direction in order to be useful, and it can be seen that it happens quite naturally, meaning that — no one learns to be a fashion designer if he has no intention of being a fashion designer …

Necessity brings us to learn things

From the above, it is possible to draw some lines regarding knowledge in relation to the life of each and every one of us.

Knowledge gives us comfort as it brings with it the ability to cope in everyday life — because both faith and optimism for exmple, are knowledge-based as well …
There are things we learn from coping and there are things we learn before coping, so the conclusion is to anticipate the knowledge needed for coping as quickly as possible.

The need for more and more knowledge, is perpetual!

Sariel Ben Aviv



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Sariel Ben Aviv

Sariel Ben Aviv

With an artistic approach to life, my effort as a writer is primarily to evoke a broader style of thought.