Why Modesty Is A Tremendous Mental Strength

Sariel Ben Aviv
2 min readDec 30, 2021


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In previous pages I talked about the fact that modesty is actually a great advantage and not only that, but an unparalleled mental strength.

Sometimes we can discern benefits like prosperity, strength, beauty, wisdom, and so on, as main virtues to strive for, but we must always remember modesty as an advantage and the greatest advantage we can assimilate ourselves.

It can be assumed that modesty is a virtue that indicates maturity.


In one of the pages I wrote here on Medium I talked about the fact that without time, money is not worth much to a person ..

This understanding requires modesty — to understand that human life is not an asset in itself but a tool for transformation.
Just as one can see the natural growth of man in body as well as in mind so one can understand the central idea in adulthood and modesty as a central approach to life.

If you put beauty, or wealth, or even wisdom — as a central goal in your life, you will understand that these cannot anchor you in a solid reality as you thought, these are just the things that indicate closeness to high quality.

Fake prevention

Sometimes modesty itself is a source of false pride.
Who can say about himself that he is humble, and remain humble? …

Therefore we find ourselves having to remind ourselves of the high consciousness to which we aspire in order to remain humble in our hearts.
This understanding is a great advantage because on the one hand it encourages us towards high and lofty goals and on the other hand it reminds us how much we need to improve.

It is a never-ending journey because we are always striving for a higher consciousness in relation to our state of mind according to the present moment.


This ability to understand our need for self-improvement saves us a lot of embarrassment, because there is nothing more ridiculous than a proud person whose pride has no foundation.
And on the other side, there is nothing more dignified than a humble person who understands his place and respects his own skills and virtues, and that of others as well.

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